Carpet Cleaning in Fairfield County Connecticut

We have been cleaning commercial carpets for over 30 years. American Janitorial Service is ready to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service in Fairfield County, Connecticut. While the technologies have changed over the years, our commitment to high quality clean carpets has not.

At American Janitorial Service, we recognize the varying styles of commercial grade carpet and understand that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. A thorough analysis of your carpet is made, noting high-traffic areas and, or any heavily-soiled areas. Using modern extracting technologies, our cleaning specialists then remove the debris and ground-in dirt that causes even commercial grade carpets to look haggard.

Our carpet cleaning service is professional, fast, convenient and affordable to keep you within your building maintenance budget.


Professional Carpet Maintenance

A well implemented maintenance program performed by qualified staff is essential for the long-term performance of the often overlooked investment of commercial carpeting. AJS recommends you plan a maintenance program before the installation of your commercial grade carpet so such features as budget, personnel and areas of special consideration can be taken into account. An effective program should include daily maintenance as well as restorative cleaning.

Daily maintenance: Includes vacuuming and spot cleaning for all traffic areas.

  • Vacuuming is the most important and most cost-effective element of an efficient maintenance program. Vacuuming should be scheduled according to the amount of potential soil buildup of a particular area.
  • Daily removal of spots and spills helps maintain the carpet’s appearance. Immediate action against soiled areas also reduces the probability of a permanent stain.

Restorative cleaning:  Scheduled deep extraction cleaning will remove soil not removed by regular vacuuming and spot removal.

  • AJS suggests a monthly or as-needed cleaning of transition areas, track-off regions and congested channels.


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