American Janitorial Service of Norwalk Connecticut

For 30 Years. Professional. Local. Personal.

American Janitorial Service is the three decades long, blue collar endeavor of it’s founder, Gustavo Flores. The naturalized American citizen, began the company thirty years ago in Norwalk, Connecticut as a way to supplement his full time job income. Beginning with the cleaning of dentist office, AJS would allow Flores to fulfill the classic American dream for his family, the employees of AJS and even it’s clients.

It began in 1984 with Gustavo’s wife, Marianna Flores. Marianna also naturalized was a domestic worker always looking for ways to supplement her income, inquired to hr family dentist who cleans their office. The response was “they did.” However they didn’t want to any longer. And with that Marianna signed up what would be American Janitorial Service’s first client. With an impeccable work ethic and a natural ability to be efficient Gustavo would soon sign up many more clients simply through the word of mouth of this little cleaning company thats provided lots of value at an affordable cost.